Various Pictures of some Planes (and some people too ;)

[N38394, Arianne, John and John] The plane behind us is N38394, which belongs to Purdue Pilots, Inc. It is a Piper Archer II with a beautiful new paint job. From left to right are my friends Arianne and John, and then me on the right when I had more facial hair. This photo was taken at Aretz Airport (3AR) in Lafayette, Indiana.

[N31862, Maureen, and Lance] Maureen and Lance and N31862, another Purdue Pilots, Inc. plane. This one is a Piper Warrior II that is a general trainer, and therefore shows a lot more wear and tear. This photo was also taken at Aretz Airport.

[Runway 07 at Aretz (3AR)] On approach to Runway 07 at Aretz Airport (3AR).

[John and Lorick with N21TD] Myself and my friend Lorick before doing some acrobatic flying. Those are parachute packs in our hands. The plane behind us (N21TD) is a Bellanca Decathlon with inverted flight tanks. :) This photo was taken at Arlington Airport (F54) near Dallas, Texas.

[Taxing out in N21TD] Us taxing out to do some inverted flying, spins, hammerheads, and other fun acrobatics.

[The old Aviation Explorer Post Cessna] This Cessna 172 used to belong to my Aviation Explorer Post at Westchester Airport (HPN) in NY. The plane had to be sold because of liability costs.

[N276NY at night] This scan doesn't do justice to the photo, but still looks really cool. The plane belongs to Civil Air Patrol's NY Wing, and is based at Westchester Airport (HPN) in NY.

[A Mooney] This is a Mooney, the 'sports car' of planes. It is a small high performance single engine plane. It has a distinctive 'backwards' vertical tail. I'm not sure who owns this plane, but it is a nice one. Photo taken at Aretz Airport.

[Purdue's air Fleet] This is just part of Purdue's fleet of aircraft. The Boeing 727 in the background was donated by United Airlines and is now just a hangar queen (a plane that never flies). Photo taken at Purdue University Airport (LAF).

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